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Latest Updates

Help Center > Latest Updates


June 2024

  • Patient Messaging Automation
  • Patient Messages Update
  • Setup Update
  • Scheduling Update
  • Patient Financial Update
  • Billing Update
  • UI Update

April 2024

  • Patient Smart Search
  • Scheduling Update
  • Patient Update
  • Reminder Workflow Update
  • Billing Update
  • E-Statement Update
  • Self Scheduling
  • General UI Update
  • Signoff Changes
  • Webinar Link

January 2024

  • User Settings Update
  • Payment Gateway Update

December 2023

  • Enterprise Update
  • Billing Update
  • Clinical Update
  • MIPS Update

August 2023

  • Scheduling Update
  • Appointment Workflow Update
  • Setup Update
  • Billing Update
  • Clinical Update
  • Practice EHR Notification Hub
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Practice EHR Enterprise

Kiosk - April 2023

  • Demographic Update
  • Emergency Contact Update
  • Intake Form Update

April 2023

  • Appointment Reminders Update
  • Scheduling Update
  • Clinical Visit Update
  • Master Index Update

March 2023

  • Practice EHR Pro
  • Telemedicine Update
  • Menu Role UI Update
  • Calendar Update

January 2023

  • Billing Update

December 2022

  • Address Auto Fill
  • Idle Timeout Rules Revision
  • Preferred Browser Notification
  • Patient Document Renewal Reminders
  • MIPS / Health eFilings
  • Ticket Attachment Enhancement
  • Location Selection on Login
  • Enhanced Message Communication
  • Scheduling Update
  • Clinical Visit Update
  • Patient Forms UI Improvement
  • Patient Lab Update
  • Medication Tab Update
  • Tele Waiting Room
  • Pending Lab Review
  • Import Data

November 2022

  • Prescription Renewal
  • Modifying the template after starting the visit
  • Visits Workflow Enhancement
  • User Name Login
  • Screen Layout

October 2022

  • Patient Messaging
  • E-Statements
  • Enhanced User's Account Security
  • Inventory
  • Patient Forms (Fillable PDF)
  • Scheduling Module Update
  • Clinical Section Search Enhancement
  • Create Clinical Ticket
  • Common Drugs & Auto-Fill SIG
  • Rx Eligibility
  • Patient Portal Changes

August 2022

  • Help Videos
  • Multiple Encounters & Financial Visits / Clinical Visit - By Plan
  • Generating Tele-visit Appointment Link
  • Generating Web kiosk Link

July 2022

  • View visit templates outside of a clinical visit.
  • Re-open a closed clinical note for the provider to make clinical changes.
  • Customize encounter forms by insurance plan.
  • Patient Advance Payment collection option for a specific condition or procedure through case management.
  • New patient registration and appointment scheduling workflow through the patient portal.
  • Allow patients to send new message types, medication requests and update demographics in real-time through the patient portal.
  • New updates and workflow for e-Statements.

May 2022

  • Managing the chief complaint
  • Editing within the Sentence View
  • Uploading provider signatures
  • Uploading the practice logo
  • Removing sample data
  • Web Kiosk Check-in
  • Patient Portal
  • EVV Acknowledgement Window
  • New system help videos

April 2022

  • Link Assessment to Treatment Plan
  • Re-order ICD10 codes in Assessment
  • Fax Multiple Labs
  • Self-Guided Purchase Options

March 2022

  • Add Referring Provider
  • EPCS Configuration Alert
  • Last Seen Date
  • Patient’s Weight on the Medication Screen
  • Filter Tracker Board
  • Buy Button
  • Support Center
  • Invoice View
  • Suspended Account

October 2021

  • IHCFA – Claim submission for workers’ compensation and no-fault claim forms.

August 2021

  • Scheduling jump option
  • Macros
  • Copayment alert
  • Archived document type
  • Adjustment date
  • Web-based Kiosk
  • Last seen date
  • Print Fax Received report

March 2021

  • Kiosk patient check-in enhancements.
  • Create a list of all insurance plans.
  • Print a practice fee schedule.
  • Edit the category names for ICD and CPT codes.
  • Avoid duplicate patient registrations.
  • Reduce the denials for missing Last Seen Date on a CMS claim.
  • Export a patient’s ledger.
  • Save and/or print patient forms.
  • See complete appointment history on the patient portal.
  • Use a single dedicated pathway for RCM support.
  • Reorganize inactive providers.

January 2021

  • Create custom fields

November 2020

  • Select the requisition type to match the test type.
  • Copy sections from a past visit regardless of template type.
  • Two new features on the Home Dashboard.
  • Patients can be checked out when a progress note is signed.
  • Document tab will show “Entered By” as a specific user.
  • Enhanced document downloading.

September 2020

Global Payments Integrated Features

    • ACH and all major payment types now accepted.
    • New payment flow for ACH and credit card transactions.
    • Save a credit card for future use.
    • New process for voiding/refunding transactions.


    • Scheduling calendar updated.
    • Cancel Appointment added to Appointment Detail window.
    • Delete appointment slot option added.
    • Multi Provider View schedule updated.


    • Faxing addendums added in visit.


  • “Medicare Allowed Calc” added in Plan.
  • “Apply KX Modifier” option added in Plan for PT/OT specialty.
  • Ledger tab added under Patient Documents.
  • “Incident-to” Reporting supported within the Visit Detail.

June 2020

  • “Location” and “Provider“ filters added to the Authorization Report.
  • “Case status” filter also added to the Authorization Report.
  • “Location” filter and column added in the Plan Of Care Report.
  • “Plan” column added in Authorization Detail window.
  • Patient’s DOB added to medication print.
  • CPT code added in lab order print.
  • Hospice flow updated.
  • Regenerate Document option added for signed off visit.
  • “System Setup” updated.

April 2020


    • All Scheduling systems will now include the advanced features.
    • New workflow for revising existing schedules.
    • “Check In” / “Check Out” features are now available from the Calendar menu.
    • Additional scheduling options are now available from the Weekly and Multi View options.
    • “Reason” in Today’s Appointments list offers new information.
    • Appointment detail window has also been updated.
    • Ability to export to excel added to the Dashboard.

Scheduling Day Sheet

    • Three new fields added in the Scheduling Day Sheet.
    • Appointment date is now optional when moving an appointment.
    • More flexibility for moving appointments.
    • Delete or cancel bulk appointments from the Scheduling Day Sheet.
    • Reason now required for canceled appointments.
    • Patient contact information and balance have been added to the Scheduling Day Sheet.
    • “Unlinked Appt” checkbox has been added to the Scheduling Day Sheet.
    • “Unlinked Copay” dropdown added in the Scheduling Day Sheet.
    • Co-pay button added in “Scheduling Day Sheet”.
    • “Change Reason” added in the Scheduling Day Sheet.

Case Management / Therapy Services

    • “Case” dropdown list added in recurring appointment window.
    • Export to excel icon added to Case Management Reports.
    • Visit type filter added in Clinical visits report.
    • Case and pending document drop down lists now optional when linking faxes.
    • Case can be associated with another plan after the plan has been created.
    • New fields added in the Plan of Care (POC) report.
    • Authorizations can be tracked by Visits, Units, and/or CPT.
    • Authorizations can be added for a secondary plan.
    • CPT(s) grid added in the case authorization.
    • Alerts for expired “Authorization” and “Orders” are now removed:
    • Improved visibility of case management box in patient chart.
    • Captions have been updated in “CASE MANAGEMENT” in the patient chart.

Primary Care Providers / Pediatricians

    • Vaccine Information Statements /Immunization captions updated.

All Users

    • Date of service (DOS) can no longer be edited.
    • Print advance payment receipt.
    • Print receipt button added in “Check-In” and “Walk In Check In” window:
    • New and renamed columns for clinical visits.
    • Scheduling privileges added.
    • Plan filter added in Clinical patient list.
    • Added deleted appointments audit in patient history.
    • “Appointment Type” field added in visit detail.
    • Option to book from wait list added to most scheduling views (daily, weekly, Multi view).


  • New plan field added in the Billing patient list report.
  • Improved categorization for pending claim rejections.
  • “Submit now” button added for pending e-statements.
  • Requeue statement button added in the Financial tab.

March 2020

  • Front Desk – Added hyperlink for reason.
  • Front Desk – Scheduling Day Sheet updated.
  • All Users – Tracking field column added to Messages tab.
  • All Users – Tracking field column added in Reports tab:
  • All Users – Icon added for updating document type
  • Clinical – Save button added in progress note.
  • Clinical – Removed save encounter button.
  • Clinical – Diagnosis button enabled in the Medical Case window.
  • Clinical – Sorting removed in assessment and problem list.
  • Clinical – Hyperlink added to view lab order details.
  • Clinical – Icons changed for chiro/PT visits.
  • Clinical – Visit(s) grid added in the Medical Case Detail window.
  • Clinical – Extra information added for chiro/PT.
  • Clinical – Template name field added.
  • Billing – Accession # and ordering provider fields added to the clinical visit.
  • Billing – Remark codes added.
  • Billing – Batch number field added.
  • Billing – Columns added in the Payment Batch grid.
  • Billing – CLIA functionality added.
  • Billing – Referring provider forwarded automatically.
  • Billing – Last seen date field added.
  • Billing – Allowed field functionality added in the Plan Payment tab.
  • Billing – Batch # added in the ERA detail.

January 2020

  • Front Desk – New flag added for patient status.
  • Front Desk – New flag added for inactive patient selection.
  • Front Desk – Filter records by appointment status.
  • Front Desk – Patient class character limit increased.
  • Front Desk – Patient class character limit increased.
  • All Users – New visit status added.
  • All Users – Provider schedule updated.
  • All Users – Medical record number changed to uppercase.
  • Clinical – DOS added for Chiro entity.
  • Billing – New EDI payer ID search.
  • Billing – New export to excel icon added to EDI payer search results window.
  • Billing – Search by referring provider using advanced search.
  • Billing – Charge grid search results updated.
  • Billing – Claim form selection update.
  • Billing – Import plan button removed.
  • Billing – Claim status button removed.
  • Billing – Adjust ledger option added.
  • Billing – From and to date fields removed.
  • Billing – Admission and discharge details added.
  • Billing – DOB field added to patient eligibility response.

August 2019

Your Practice EHR account will automatically be upgraded to the latest version on Tuesday, August 27, 2019.

  • All Users – Users automatically logged out for update.
  • All Users – Idle time increased.
  • All Users – New lock mode rules.
  • All Users – Bandwidth window updated.
  • All Users – Practice name now displayed in open browser tab.
  • All Users – New file types added for support tickets.
  • All Users – Messages now editable.
  • All Users – Medical record # column added to Clinical Visits report.
  • All Users – Status added to search criteria for Clinical Visits report.
  • Front Desk – New alerts added when booking appointments.
  • Front Desk – New fax details added.
  • Front Desk – Driver’s license scanning button added.
  • Front Desk – Import driver’s license button added.
  • Front Desk – New fields added in the advanced eligibility window.
  • Front Desk – Blocked reason now displayed on scheduler.
  • Front Desk – Provider name and next appointment date added to Patient Chart.
  • Front Desk – Medical record # added to search criteria.
  • Front Desk – New side-by-side status view on patient chart.
  • Clinical – Growth chart added for Pediatrics.
  • Clinical – Print option now available for immunization history.
  • Clinical – The immunization print layout has been changed.
  • Clinical – Scheduled immunizations removed from print.
  • Billing – New fields added to clinical visit and financial visit tabs.
  • Billing – New export to excel icon.
  • Billing – New flags for auto submission and auto statements (pending e-submissions).
  • Billing – New flags for auto statements (pending e-statements).
  • Billing – Refresh button added to charge payment grid.
  • Billing – Suspended claims highlighted in red.
  • Billing – New side-by-side status view in electronic encounters not billed bucket.
  • Billing – Improved billing grids.
  • Billing – Suspend dropdown updated.
  • Billing – Allowed amount field updated.

June 2019

  • Clinical – Default provider selected for Chiro entity.
  • Clinical – Add multiple procedures quickly.
  • Clinical – New “No Meds” check box in medication tab.
  • Clinical – New search functionality for location drop down and referring provider list.
  • Clinical – Bill type for Quest labs now available.
  • Clinical – New “View Detail” button available for labs.
  • Front Desk – Reference patient balance from the scheduler.
  • Front Desk – View patient eligibility at a glance.
  • Front Desk – New “Patient Not Eligible Only” checkbox.
  • Front Desk – New Plan/Copay column now available in “Today’s Appointments” bucket.
  • General – Quickly reference patient forms.
  • General – Import/export multiple attachments using the control key.
  • General – Message details will now include patient name.
  • General – A new window or tab automatically generates when you switch entities.
  • General – Add attachments to support tickets.
  • Billing – Check detail will be opened in new tab instead of popup window.
  • Billing – New text changes.
  • Billing – Allow overpayment for patient balance.
  • Billing – When electing EOB, the claim status or EOB status will flash when available.
  • Billing – Pending ERA posting tab will not refresh when switching between tabs.
  • Billing – Billing will remain in same position if you switch tabs into a different part of the EHR.
  • Billing – Patient instant eligibility added under insurance to check insurances that aren’t in their specific plan.
  • Billing – An “Entered By” field has been added for charge listing advance search.
  • Billing – Plan ID will be disabled when creating a self-pay plan.
  • Billing – An “Allowed Fee” field has been added under charge detail.
  • Billing – Plans will appear in red if eligibility status is inactive or rejected.
  • Billing – Under the set-up tab, a hyperlink has been added to the procedure column.
  • Billing – A “Claim Status” button has been added under follow up detail.
  • Billing – ERA Charge payment improvements are now available.

March 2019

  • Clinical – Find ICD-10 codes more efficiently.
  • Clinical – New code search functionality for invalid and non-billable codes.
  • Clinical – New billing flag for non-billable codes (optional).
  • Clinical – New search functionality for diagnoses.
  • Clinical – Use a quick search to navigate your drop down lists.
  • Clinical – Use macros in free-text areas.
  • Clinical – Prescribe multiple medications at once (optional).
  • General – View documents in a new tab.
  • Billing – Disable ICD-10 autofill (optional).
  • Billing – Export charge listing data.
  • Billing – Access a new visits tab under the plan follow up window.
  • Billing – View visit detail information quickly.
  • Billing – Organize your codes and modifiers.
  • Billing – New unapplied amount field.
  • Billing – If a copay is paid and the insurance doesn’t apply any amount towards the copay, then Practice EHR will create an adjusted ledger.
  • Billing – No line item will be posted when a secondary insurance doesn’t exist.

January 2019

  • Setting Update – Set default provider and location using the user settings screen.
  • Front Desk – Plan search improved.
  • Front Desk – Ascending sort order for plan and referring provider search.
  • Front Desk – Print your scheduling day sheet.
  • Clinical – Text changes within Practice EHR.
  • Billing – Add codes directly to encounter form.
  • Billing – Export Plan and Patient Follow Up.
  • Billing – Print EDI history.
  • Billing – Redesign of reports section.
  • Billing – Access a list of payers.

November 2018

  • Front desk – set recurring appointments directly from the scheduler
  • Clinical – start a visit without a chief complaint
  • Reports – pull a list of patient birthdays with a new patient communication report
  • Billing – set a flag to delay patient statements from going out
  • Billing – input valid payer IDs with our new payer ID validation
  • Billing – review errors/warnings before claims have been set to ready to bill