Overview of Updates – August 2019

Overview of Updates – August 2019

Your Practice EHR account will automatically be upgraded to the latest version on Tuesday, August 27, 2019.

Overview of Updates


1. All Users

Users automatically logged out for update. For all updates, if users are logged in to Practice EHR when the update occurs, the system will automatically log them out. Users will need to log back in. Once logged back in, the latest version of Practice EHR will automatically be available.


2. All Users

Idle time increased. The idle time out is now set to 400 minutes. Users will be asked to log back in to Practice EHR after 6 hours, 40 minutes (400 minutes total) of no use.


3. All Users

New lock mode rules. Users can stay in lock mode for 2 hours (120 minutes). Users will be required to log back into the system after 120 minutes.


4. All Users

Bandwidth window updated. Bandwidth window will no longer appear on the screen when switching between an entity (practice or practice location).


5. All Users

The practice name will now be displayed in the open browser tab.


6. All Users

New file types added for support ticket. New document file types can now be attached to support tickets including PDF, Word, and Excel files. Go to Support Center > New Ticket > Choose file to attach to support ticket.


7. All Users

Messages are now editable. Only the user that created the message can make edits.


8. All Users

Medical record # column added to Clinical Visits report. Medical record # column has been added to the Clinical Visits report search results grid.


9. All Users

Status added to search criteria for Clinical Visits report. Status drop down options including encounter, ready to bill, no bill, billed, paper and hold are now available as search criteria in the Clinical Visits report and a column has been added in the search results grid.


10. Front Desk

New alerts added when booking appointments. Clinical and financial alerts will now appear when booking an appointment and selecting a patient from the scheduler.


11. Front Desk

New fax details added. The subject, cc and total page fields have been added to the fax cover sheet.


12. Front Desk

Driver’s license scanning button added. A scan driver’s license button has been added to the new patient and demographics windows.

“Driver’s License” will be selected by default.

If you are using the ID scanner, after scanning the driver’s license it will auto-fill the field and auto-close this window.

A copy of the driver’s license will be saved under documents, after clicking the create patient button.


13. Front Desk

Import driver’s license button added. An import driver’s license button has been added on the new patient window.

When you click this button the import document screen will open. The document type will be selected as “Driver’s License” by default and the field will be disabled. After selecting the document, close the window, enter the patient data and click create patient button to save. The imported document will be saved in the patient’s documents tab and demographics extra info section.


14. Front Desk

New fields added in the advanced eligibility window. Under patient eligibility, city state and zip fields have been added.


15. Front Desk

Blocked reason now displayed on scheduler. A blocked reason will be displayed for the blocked slot. To view go to: Scheduling > Multi View > Blocked Reason Shown


16. Front Desk

Provider name and next appointment date added to Patient Chart. The Patient Chart will now show provider name next to the next appointment date.


17. Front Desk

Medical record # field and columns added in patient search window. In the patient search window, under the advanced search, there is a medical record # field that has been added to the search criteria. A medical record # column has also been added in the search results grid.


18. Front Desk

New side-by-side status view. The patient chart will now show status of the clinical visit and billing encounter side by side (In progress / not billed).


19. Clinical

Growth chart added for Pediatrics (specialty-specific update). A head circumference growth chart has been added to the Pediatrics workflow.


20. Clinical

Print option now available for immunization history. The print icon is now located next to the immunization history heading.


21. Clinical

The immunization print layout has been changed.


22. Clinical

Scheduled immunizations removed from print. Scheduled immunizations will no longer be on the printed sheet.


23. Billing

New fields added to clinical visit (field 19) and financial visit tabs (claim comments).

  • Previously the claims comment box under the financial visit encounter form was not available, but it was available in the clinical visit encounter form. Now it is available in both. To view go to: Encounter From > Visit Detail > Claim Comments box

  • Previously field 19 was not available in the clinical visit encounter form, but it was available in the financial visit encounter form. Now field 19 is available in both. To view go to: Financial Tab > Charge Listing > Visit > Extra Info


24. Billing

New export to excel icon. The export to excel button has been replaced with an Icon for the following tabs: listing, claim editing, payment batch, plan follow up, patient follow up, RCM manager, electronic encounters not billed and payment batch ledger.

An export to excel icon has also been added to the not billed encounters bucket on the Dashboard.


25. Billing

New flags for auto submission and auto statement (pending electronic submissions). Under the Billing Dashboard for the pending e-submission bucket the heading/text has changed to notify users when the auto submission or auto statement flag is on or off.

Flag On

Flag Off


26. Billing

New auto statement flags (pending electronic statements). Under the Billing Dashboard for the pending e-statement bucket the heading/text has changed to notify users when the auto statement flag is on or off.

Flag On

Flag Off


27. Billing

Refresh button added to charge payment grid. Go to: ERA/check bucket > Check # > Payment > Refresh


28. Billing

Suspended claims highlighted in red. Under claim editing, suspended claims will now be highlighted in red when the suspended check box is selected.


29. Billing

New side-by-side status view in electronic encounters not billed bucket. In the electronic encounters not billed bucket, the billing and clinical status will now show side by side (For example: not billed/in-progress, not billed/ready for doctor, not billed/signed off).


30. Billing

Improved billing grids. The following billing grids have been converted to Kendo Grids to improve the way the data is displayed including charge listing, claim editing, payment batch ledger, plan follow up, patient follow up and RCM manager. Users will now be able to move columns, resize columns, and sort and filter information.


31. Billing

Suspend dropdown updated. Under the plan follow-up tab, the suspend dropdown will now show the default value as, “No” when opened directly from tab. When opened from the plan follow-up grid, it will show the default value as, “All”.


32. Billing

Allowed amount field updated. Under the plan payment window, the allowed amount field has been moved. The allowed amount is now editable and the write off will be calculated automatically.