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Frequently Asked Questions: Clinical

This feature is now available on the Scheduling Day Sheet from the Scheduling tab. Select the “advanced search” option in the upper right-hand corner. Enter the patient’s name and if appropriate the date range for their appointments. The results can be printed as a PDF and shared with the patient.

Within the template there will be many sections / questions with a “+” sign. Selecting that icon will open a comment box that will accept free text.

The “Design” button within any Encounter will allow a user to create/revise this form to be consistent with the codes and services needed within the practice. There is a CPT page as well as an ICD10 page that can be modified.

Usually nothing. The system is expecting the Chief Complaint to be in a specific field, selected from a specific “pick list.” If you entered the CC via free text, the system doesn’t know to consider it a valid CC. If there is a CC in your note, disregard the error message and sign the note.

Any of the sections available in other templates can be added into an individual note by selecting “Add Section” from the action gear icon on the right-hand side of the chart note.

Yes, as long as it has not been signed, the visit can be deleted by choosing Delete from the Action gear icon on the right-hand side of the chart note.