Patients In Office

Learn how the patients in office bucket works in Practice EHR.


The patients in office bucket is a list of patients you currently have in the office that have been checked in. The patients in office bucket includes the following statuses:

  • Checked In: Indicates the patient has checked into the practice. After a patient has checked in, the front desk or medical assistant will need to click on “Start Visit” to start the patient visit.
  • Ready for Triage: Indicates the front desk or medical assistant has entered the vitals, filled out forms or pre-registration has been completed. This status indicates that the visit has been started by the front desk/medical assistant.
  • Ready for Doctor: Indicates that the front desk or MA has completed the vitals and patient history and now the patient is ready for the doctor.
  • In Progress: Indicates the provider started the patient visit and it is currently in progress.
  • Signed Off: Indicates the provider has seen the patient and signed off the note.
  • Check out: Indicates the patient is ready to be checked out. The front desk can check out the patient by clicking on the “Checkout” hyperlink.