Learn how to access and manage labs for a patient in Practice EHR.


Under the lab section, you can order a lab, review pending labs and send and print labs for a patient.

  • A lab or test can be ordered by typing in the request in the “Test” field box.
  • You can also filter and pick the lab company you’ll be sending the patient to from the “Laboratory” menu.
  • If your lab company is integrated with your group practice, click the ”Send Electronically” button to send the lab requisition.
  • To print the requisition, you will click on the green “Paper Requisition” button.
  • The “Pending Requisitions” section displays labs that are currently waiting to be sent out to the lab company.
  • The “Waiting for Results” bucket displays where you will be able to view your pending labs.
  • The “Pending Dr. Review” bucket will display the lab results for the provider to review and verify as abnormal or normal.