Learn how to manage medications for a patient in Practice EHR.


The medication tab in Practice EHR is where you will order medications, manage prescriptions, select a patient’s pharmacy and see history of medications as well as a current list of medications for a patient.

  • All fields with a red dot must be filled in order to prescribe.
  • If the medication is listed in your common list you can quickly search for it and select it. You can also search for a drug that may not be in your list in the drug browser.
  • Use the search icon next to pharmacy to search for local pharmacies in your area to send the prescription to.
  • Prescribing options in Practice EHR include:
    • e-Rx – sends the prescription electronically
    • Print Rx – prints the prescription
    • Paper Rx- you are providing a hand written prescription to the patient
    • Prescribe – you are prescribing the medication and will later decide if you will send the prescription electronically, print it or provide a hand written prescription
  • Once a medication has been prescribed, it will drop down in to the patient’s current medications list.
  • Click on the settings icon in the top right corner to view medication history, view online Rx history, get patient eligibility, print patient education or provide additional drug information.