Client Info

Learn how to view information regarding your practice in Practice EHR.

  • The client info tab shows how many providers use Practice EHR, the provider monthly fee and what kind of service you have signed up for such as EHR or EHR + PM.
  • View invoices and other company information such as company name, address, contact person, practice administrator and more.


Learn how to setup new users and update existing users in Practice EHR.

  • In the users tab you can view users, create users and update user settings.
  • To create a new user, click the create a user button.
  • To deactivate a user, deselect the “Active” checkbox.

Menu Role

Learn how to set up menu roles in Practice EHR.

  • View and create menu roles in Practice EHR.
  • Select menu role privileges.
  • Only admin users have privileges to assign and create a menu role.


Learn how to setup and update your practice information, location information and provider profiles in Practice EHR.

  • View and update practice details such as practice NPI, description, address, phone number, fax number and more.
  • View and update statement messages and the statement cycle for your practice.
  • View and set up secure direct email addresses.
  • View and update provider information. To add a new provider, click the “Create Provider” button.
  • View and update location information. To add a new location, click the “Create Location” button.

Audit Log

Learn how to use the audit log in Practice EHR.

  • The audit log provides an user audit and audit trail.
  • View information about what your users are doing in the system.
  • Under the audit trail tab you will be able to track and view an audit in detail.

Lab Tests

Learn about the lab tests category in Practice EHR.

  • View all lab tests that have been entered into Practice EHR.
  • Search lab tests based on name, category or description and click on the search button.
  • View lab information such as at the test name, test type, any CPT code associated with the test and more.
  • To see details of the lab test by clicking on the hyperlink. Any additions you’d like to make regarding labs can also be added here.


Learn how to search all plans that are in Practice EHR.

  • Search plans with in the system based on if the plan is active, payer ID and the description.
  • See the name of payer, description, category and the claim flag.
  • If you need to a add a plan to the system, click the blue “Create Plan” button and enter the required information.

CPT & Fee

Learn how to view and enter new CPT codes in Practice EHR.

  • Search codes that you are looking for based on CPT or description or search all CPT codes that are currently in the system.
  • If there is a feature you would like added to the CPT code, such as a fee, click on the blue hyperlink.
  • If there is a CPT code that you would like to add in the system, click on the “Create CPT” button and enter the required information.

Plan Fee

Learn how to view and update fees that are set up and assigned for CPT codes in Practice EHR.

  • View all the fees that have been assigned to each CPT code.
  • To edit fees, select the blue hyperlink. In this window you can change the fee link, update the description, edit the fee or delete the fee link.
  • To create a new plan fee select the “Create Plan Fee” button and enter the required details.

Plan Fee Link

Learn how to set up plan fee links for a fee schedule within Practice EHR.

  • View all existing fee links by clicking on the “Search” button.
  • Select the “Create Plan Fee Link” button to create a new fee link.