Learn how to navigate the calendar in Practice EHR


In the calendar tab you can review and manage your practice’s schedule.

  • See the provider’s schedule by day, week or month as well as the scheduled appointment time, location, patient name, reason for visit, insurance plan/copay information, call response, comments and status.
  • The calendar is color coded to easily see availability. Status colors include: yellow (blocked), green (booked), orange (overbooked) and white (open).
  • To schedule a new appointment, hover over the blue arrow icon and select “Book Appointment” or “Book from Waitlist”, then fill in the reason for the visit and other appointment details. To save, click the green “Create Appointment” button.
  • When hovering over the blue arrow icon for an existing appointment, you can also select the patient, get appointment details, check eligibility, cut/paste to reschedule the patient or book appointment.


Learn how to use the search feature in Practice EHR scheduling.


Use the search feature in scheduling to update your availability for a certain day/time. This allows you to update your calendar for holidays, unexpected closures, etc. without having to change the office hours you have set on your provider schedule.

  • The calendar is color coded to easily see availability. Status colors include: yellow (blocked), green (booked), red (full), orange (overbooked) and white (open).
  • The user can choose multiple search filters in order to filter the appointments, including by provider, location, from date and time and/or to date and time.
  • After filtering appointments, the user can see the schedule broken down into 15 minute increments to quickly block a time, unblock a time or change location.

Wait List

Learn how to use the scheduling wait list in Practice EHR.


The scheduling wait list provides a list of patients who have requested appointments on the patient portal.

  • Search all patients who have requested an appointment from the patient portal.
  • You can filter your search by patient name, appointment reasons, appointment date, time, location and provider.
  • Check-in a patient who requested an appointment online directly from the wait list.

Provider Schedule

Learn how to set up your schedule in Practice EHR.


The provider schedule tab allows you to set up your schedule based on the provider’s availability. If you have multiple providers, follow these steps for each provider:

  • Select the “Create New Schedule” button .
  • Select the location from the drop down menu.
  • Set the hours and click the “Create Schedule” button to save.
  • To set up non availability hours, such as a lunch break, follow steps 1-3, choose a reason for unavailability, select the “Not Available” check box and click the “Create Schedule” button to save.
  • In Practice EHR, you don’t have to create your schedule again and again. By clicking the green button at the bottom, you can carry forward your schedule in four week increments.