Managing the Master Appointment Schedule

Learn how to create and revise a master appointment schedule for the practice.

  • Identify those days, locations, and/or providers that may need a specific schedule
  • Anticipate times of the day where the appointment slots may need to vary
  • Discuss the option to allow ‘overbooking’ for certain days, locations, and/or providers
  • Determine how far into the future a schedule can be reasonably set for each location and/or provider
  • To build the perfect master schedule, select “Create New Schedule” and enter the information as needed

Navigating the Scheduling Menu

Learn which features can best be managed from which tab within the system.

  • Calendar tab can be customized to see multiple provider’s schedules (up to 6) by selecting the Multi View and the action item to select Settings
  • Patients can now be checked in/out from the Calendar tab
  • Search when there is an extended block of appointments to move, block or unblock
  • Scheduling Day Sheet can now provide a list of an individual patient’s appointments; move multiple appointments for an individual patient; cancel multiple appointments and document the reason; find unlinked appointments; and identify and link unlinked copayments
  • Wait List will identify all appointments requested by established patients through the patient portal
  • Schedule is the place to create and revise the master appointment schedule for the practice

How to Post a Patient Copayment

Learn the importance of sequencing the posting of a copayment with the start of a visit.

  • Copayment can be posted from three (3) primary steps in the visit process
  • Copayments posted after the visit has been started will not be automatically linked to the visit unless posted from the Encounter or Check-Out
  • Unlinked copayments can be reconciled from the Scheduling Day Sheet