Clinical Visits

Learn about the clinical visits report in Practice EHR.


The clinical visit report shows you a list of all clinical visits.

  • You can filter clinical visits using the account number or other search criteria like from date and to date, provider, visit # or signed off status.
  • The clinical visits report will include visit #, visit date, account #, patient, template, visit provider, plan, visit status, bill status and signed off by.
  • You can also export the clinical visit report as an excel file.


Learn about the medication report in Practice EHR.


The medication report shows all medications that have been prescribed and ordered.

  • You can filter the medication report by patient name, provider, date range, drug name or prescription status.
  • The medication report will include the Rx #, account #, patient name, drug name, Rx status, start date and end date.
  • You can also export your medication report as an excel file.


Learn about the CDS report in Practice EHR.


The CDS report incorporates multiple tools to enhance decision making in the clinical workflow.

  • Filter the CDS report by patient name or by CDS name, by using the date range, or by provider.
  • See the account #, the patients name, the CDS intervention and description as well as the start and due date.
  • The provider can then select the CDS intervention from the window and export the patient record into a report format by clicking on the “Export to Excel” button.