Learn about the Practice EHR dashboard.


The dashboard gives you a holistic view of your practice.

  • Appointment Status: See which patients have been seen, no shows and cancelled as well as how many have rescheduled.
  • Copay Status: See how many copays have been collected on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis.
  • Visit Counts Graph: See the total number of patient visits you’ve had throughout the year. To see visits per provider, you can create a report in the reports section.
  • Key Performance Trends: See your practice’s financials and a break down of charges and payments.
  • Aging by Practice (Date of Service) Graph: See your account receivables that are current, 30, 60 and 120+ days out.

Today’s Appointment

Learn how the today’s appointments bucket works in Practice EHR.


Today’s appointments helps you keep track of your daily appointments and what patients you have for the day.

  • View appointment times, along with the patient’s name, reason for appointment, provider, location and their status like scheduled, rescheduled or cancelled, etc.
  • See patient details by clicking on the patient’s name and it will bring you to the patient’s chart.
  • Once a patient is checked in they will appear in the patient’s in office window.

Patients In Office

Learn how the patients in office bucket works in Practice EHR.


The patients in office bucket is a list of patients you currently have in the office that have been checked in. The patients in office bucket includes the following statuses:

  • Checked In: Indicates the patient has checked into the practice. After a patient has checked in, the front desk or medical assistant will need to click on “Start Visit” to start the patient visit.
  • Ready for Triage: Indicates the front desk or medical assistant has entered the vitals, filled out forms or pre-registration has been completed. This status indicates that the visit has been started by the front desk/medical assistant.
  • Ready for Doctor: Indicates that the front desk or MA has completed the vitals and patient history and now the patient is ready for the doctor.
  • In Progress: Indicates the provider started the patient visit and it is currently in progress.
  • Signed Off: Indicates the provider has seen the patient and signed off the note.
  • Check out: Indicates the patient is ready to be checked out. The front desk can check out the patient by clicking on the “Checkout” hyperlink.

Notes In Progress

Learn about the notes in progress bucket in Practice EHR.


The notes in progress bucket contains any patient notes that have not been signed off.

  • Quickly see patient notes that have not been signed off.
  • View the visit date, patient name, status, provider and location of notes that are still in progress.
  • To open the patient’s chart directly from this bucket, click on the visit date hyperlink or patient name hyperlink.
  • Once the note is signed off it will disappear from the notes in progress bucket.

Not Billed Encounters

Learn how the not billed encounter bucket works in Practice EHR.


An encounter form is a superbill. Any encounters that have not been billed will show up in the not billed encounters bucket.

  • Not billed encounters will show up in this bucket, along with the chief complaint.
  • If the encounter is ready to bill, click on the visit date hyperlink, scroll down to the encounter form, select your CPT code and then select “Ready to Bill” from the drop down menu.
  • Once “Ready to Bill” has been selected from the drop down menu, it will bill the patient and the encounter will disappear from the not billed encounters bucket.

My Messages

Learn how the my messages bucket works in Practice EHR.


The my messages bucket helps your staff communicate and resolve tasks for a specific patient.

  • Any messages assigned to you will show up in the my messages bucket.
  • You can see the name of the patient the message is referring to, the message, the status, the message type and the date the message was created.
  • Click on the message hyperlink to view all details of the message, reply and resolve.
  • Messages are attached to the patient and can be viewed at anytime.

Pending Review Labs

Learn how the pending review labs bucket works in Practice EHR.


The pending review labs bucket includes a list of lab results that have not been viewed by the doctor.

  • Quickly view a list of patient lab results that have not been viewed by the doctor.
  • To view the lab results, click on the test hyperlink of the patient you wish to view.
  • After clicking the test hyperlink, test details will be available and the doctor can review and verify the results, as well as send the results to the patient, or send a message to staff with further instructions on how to proceed.
  • After the results have been verified, they will disappear from the pending review labs bucket.

Support Center

Learn more about the Practice EHR support center.


Create help desk tickets in the Practice EHR support center so we can resolve any concerns you may have related to the system.

  • To create a new help desk ticket click on “New Ticket”.
  • Write a description of the problem, attach images, select a priority level, click “Submit” and our team will respond as soon as possible.
  • Any pending tickets will show up under “My Tickets” with the ticket #, description, status, created date and last updated date.
  • If you need a quick refresher on Practice EHR, simply click “Take a Tour” for a nine minute overview video.
  • The Practice EHR ticketing system is available 24/7, but if you need to speak with someone directly, our support team is available Monday-Friday 24/7 and Saturday-Sunday from 9am-6pm ET.